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New: Compostelle Immobilier helps you in your main objectives: reduce my taxes; establish(constitute) me a heritage(holdings); create me a supplementary pension; protect my family. Invest(surround) in the real estate with the law Pinel.

Invest(Surround) in the new good(property), house or apartment to Canéjan or his(her,its) bordering municipalities. Your good(property) is rented(praised) during 6, 9 or 12 years. The law Pinel allows you to save up until 18 % of the purchase price of your good(property) over 9 years or 21 % if you invest(surround) over 12 years. Your new real estate purchase is financed by your tenant at the level of 45 % by you at the level of 37 %, by the state at the level of 18 % within the limits of 63000 €.

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