Do you own houses or apartments in the region.
You want your property generates additional income.
Want to assign the lease to a reliable ground of professional, independent, honest, discreet, competent.

Compostela estate defends your interests …

You want to rent a house or apartment on Canejan, Cestas Pessac, Gradignan and the region. With our market knowledge we help you touver well in line with your expectations.

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Advantages to rent his house or apartment

If you own your property for less than 15 years and can not therefore enjoy the exemption on capital gains
If you need additional monthly income to improve your retirement or pay rent for example.
If you feel that the stone is a good investment and that the property is in a place where the rental yield is interesting, in a suburb of big city in a dynamic suburb.

It takes time for the simple search tenant, prepare, publish ads, answering phone calls (it is not uncommon to receive more than 50 phone calls) to visit the property, write the lease, choosing the right tenant, make an inventory ….

You wish to be relieved of administrative concerns, the constitution of the rental study folder, collection of rents, establishment receipts, the burden sharing of the rent review, management of claims, job tracking, tax returns … ..

We defend your interests.